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This is my '57 GMC 66 passenger bus. I bought it for $500 in '76. I lived in it for a while , then used it to haul 3 bikes to Bowling Green , Ky. for the Big Boogie in '78.
I made a wooden ramp that hooked to the bumper to load bikes. I was envious of the aluminum ramps they had on U-Haul trucks but, could never find one.Loading 500 + lb. bikes was always tense.
In '79 my friends and I loaded 3 900 and 1000 Kawasaki's and 2 750 Hondas in it and drove it to Daytona for bike week and the trip extended to a ride to Key West.
I had a bed that folded up to the wall in the back , everyone else had to share the floor.
The trip was repeated for '80 and '81.
The bus came with a miltary remanufactured 302 inline 6 , four speeds and a 6.11 rear end. It would roll along at about 50 mph uphill or down. I would always be driveing when we came down Jelico Mt. on I-75. I'd pop it into nuetral and coast down. I don't know how fast it got going , but , the whole bus would shake like a dog coming out of the water.
And hey, we lived to tell the tale.
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