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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
Well you're just all over the place!

Mana should be a lot faster, and it has an electronic CVT, much like the
Burgman 650 scooter. Unlike "normal" scooters with their mechanical
CVTs, this one can be "adjusted" on the fly for lower cruising revs OR
higher cruising revs for better performance.

The Mana has a sport mode which will (again, much like on a Burgman)
get the revs up near the peak power spot.

That's probably the only down-side to the normal CVT systems, you
can't have both, but you can tune the hell out of it (just not while riding).

One common thing among owners of both of these.. you'll try the manual
model once or twice and forget about it. There's no real benefits to it.

I believe DN01 has some sort of CVT too, not the DCT (which in essence
is a manual transmission that can operate in an automatic way) that's
available on VFR and NC700S/X/Integra.

The Mana, just like a proper Aprilia should.. has some quality issues.
More on that - AF1 Aprilia Forums.

You're right about fuel consumption.
It's about 50% worse.

I'd say DCT was the way to go for anyone more biased to manual
shifting.. but I think many owners will find themselves riding in
full auto modes, and never admitting it.
Great response, thanks so much for the info.
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