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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I prefer a fairing and lights that turn with the bars. I ride nasty terrain at night fairly often and I like to be able to point my lights where I want to see, really helps to pick a line. I can't tell any difference when I add weight to the forks, but I'm pretty big and don't like steering dampers either, my arms can handle it.

All of that is fork mounted:

I don't like low fenders, it's a good way to throw yourself over the bars and right down the road on your back, especially if it has dual discs with a crossover brake line. High fender on a boxer is fine, just make sure the oil cooler can get some air.

Fork mounted lights, fairing and gauges, HID ballasts too. High fender, 320 mm rotor, twin piston caliper, skinny spokes, no steering damper, .49 kg issues:

What forks did you use for that BMW conversion?
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