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Day 3

Woke up early, looked around for the cat that shit in my mouth then remembered I had a cigar the night before. Time to hit the trail, wasn't feeling the camp breakfast option so I headed to town to restock, grab some food and jump back on the UTBDR again. Closest civilization was the SW corner of Wyoming. Great trail so-far, definitely glad I downloaded the tracks from the website, some of the views I took in were fantastic, I can't wait for the Colorado tracks.


Ermegherd Ermegherd Ermegherd!!!!!! Talk about one stop shopping

Back to the trail

Big F'n Bee

The Great Stanky Salt Lake. If all of Utah was like the Salt Lake area I'd hate it. As it is, especially on this trip, I found a new appreciation for UT. It's amazing how drastically the scenery can change in a short distance.

I decided to cut my trail riding a little short and peel off on the highway to take a storm I was trying to avoid head-on. Every direction I could go had black clouds looming over it, I figured I'd ride NW to 80 and get hosed. At least if I get dumped on on the freeway, if it gets too bad I can always get a cheesy motel for the night and dry out. From Salt Lake to Wendover I got dumped on off and on but not enough to pull off. I had it in my head to ride the Bonneville Salt Flats at night and camp somewhere close by so I let my goretex do it's thing, put in a little Megadeth in the earbuds and let the freeway melt by.

By the time I was 50 miles out of Wendover the weather cleared up into a pretty epic sunset.

Bonneville :)

On my iphone I managed to see some dirt trails from satellite imagery, thought it might lead somewhere cool so started looking for trails out in the hills above the flats. Finally found a good trail that kept climbing, took it till I ran out of trail and set up camp. Couldn't really see anything as it was pitch black so I just made some food and hit the sack. The view in the morning was beyond spectacular.

My Dinner guest

Tarantulas are suckers for freeze dried Mac and Cheese. Knowing this makes them less creepy.

UP NEXT: Waking up to realize I camped on the top of the mountain >:)
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