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Originally Posted by 9Dave View Post
Agree with part of this. I do love my 376c

Navigating tracks is not an issue for me on my 60csx or 376c. I just glance at the screen every now and then and see what's coming up. I have no problems with zooming in/out, but then again I leave it zoomed in pretty far.

And if you really want to have fun, the 376c will navigate a track as well.
You're very much in the minority. I've ridden with plenty of people that constantly have to back track because they missed turns following both tracks and routes. Some of them on STREET rides even. Then of course there were the 2 guys I know that wrecked because they were staring down at their GPS tracks instead of watching where they were riding.

The only sure way not to miss turns is voice prompts from routes.
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