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Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
As I noted above, it works fine with 3 AAs

My LiIon battery measures 3.77 V across the 2 outer pins and other lesser voltages with other pin combinations. What I don't know is why it has 4 pins, and what the voltage across the various combinations of the 4 pins should be.
See this similar thread:

If the GPS battery is anything like a cellphone battery, those center pins are for data, like state of charge, temperature, etc. If your Li measures 3.77 V across 1 and 4 it is fully charged. For some reason, that voltage is not getting into the Montana. If you were able to charge it via USB, that means that at least the battery to Montana to USB port connection is OK, meaning that the fault is internal.

Try one more thing before returning it. Whack the Li bat across the flat of your hand hard two or three times (just to show it whose boss ), insert it and THEN add two earplugs on top of it before closing the door.

You should be able to get the vendor to let you keep the (almost certainly) good battery for a spare for all your trouble.

BTW, after whacking it, if it now reads open between 1 and 4 you have found your problem unequivocably! Just don't let the vendor know about the jungle repair job.....
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