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Originally Posted by Codyp1814 View Post
Keietech makes a pretty good jet kit which you can buy here Don't need to change anything just new jets and a needle. It runs richer and more responsive. Also I have a DG slip on exhaust which helps more. You don't need to rejet either if you have the jet kit and the exhaust.
Originally Posted by FlyingFinn View Post
The little DR is a pretty low performance bike so not many go through the trouble of sourcing, installing and tuning a direct-lift carburetor for it.

That said, I have a Mikuni TM31 on our DR200. The TM31 was a stock carb on couple year models of Suzuki dr250 dirt model.
That carb works really well on the 200 but they are almost impossible to find.

I've played with TM33 and TM36 on my KLX250, I'm pretty sure the 33 would be too big for the 200.

Thanks, I'll look in to those. I was poking around on ebay and see carbs off rmz125 and 250 . But so far havent found many specs on them. Hmmmmm. lol
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