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Originally Posted by catweasel67 View Post
read the thread topic and stay on target...

I'm gonna chip in, again, with another "best buy"....

...that being a bloody good sleeping bag. I bought a dreamcatcher 500 over 8 years ago and it's still going strong. It packs small, is durable (survived many nights and a dunk in the sea) and is flexible enough to be used in all temperatures down to about 0 degrees centigrade.

I don't know, I think a credit card ant wet wipes are a great purchased piece of gear, maybe the best. CC is cheap insurance, and wet wipes = showers on the road. I would also through in clorox disinfecting wipes.... THE single most useful non-motorcycle related item I used, aside from your mentioning of a good sleeping bag, that I used on my recent trip from Maine to Cali and back this fall... one of those, AH HA! moments when you realize how precious your water is and how little space they take in a zip lock in your pack.
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