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I have camped using some pretty cheap crap. Riding thru the west with my old K75 I used a poly tarp folded length-wise and duct taped the edges to make a weather proof shelter bag. No tent, no sleeping bag, no blanket, no ground pad. I used it sleeping out in a storm on the navajo res watching the lightening over shiprock. Was it comfortable? No. But I was younger (in my 40's) and just glad to be out. I did a 5 day hike down the Buckskin canyon to the Pariah and down to the Colorado with a group of friends. I bought a cheap walmart tent for 15 bucks and used that. It was lighter and easier to set up than the more expensive tents that others brought. The difference was that at the end of the 5 day hike my tent was about shot and theirs were still like new. My tent probably would have lasted another 4 or 5 set-ups. Maybe. I couldnt afford anything good and made do and I was glad I did. That hike was so worth it. Would I have been more comfortable and better prepared with higher quality gear? Yes. In my opinion ( and that aint worth much) buy the best gear your budget will allow for and still be able to make the trip. But dont let not having the "proper" gear stop you. Take the trip. Dont live a life of regrets. However, quality is worth it. Its better to have less and it be quality than a load of crap.
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