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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
As a rule I pretty much automatically assume that non-clothing gear that is labeled "motorcycle" or "motorcycling" is at best: overpriced, and at worst: a rubbish ripoff.

There are of course exceptions, but it works pretty well. The prime example is "motorcycle air compressors" which are the same cheap rubbish they sell at wal-mart, in different packaging, and more expensive. Silly stuff like that.

Oh, this trend generally holds up for other activities too. Look at 'backpacking' or 'lightweight' things. Somethings are truely useful AND lightweight, but generally things labeled as such are worthless baubles that you didn't need and marketed towards sheeple, and the only thing that is lightened are their wallets.

And since I only go camping a few days a year, and can always bail a stay in a motel if it gets too rough - "me too"

I'd have to say though, budget tents have never actually failed on me, so I've never got to actually test plan-B. Thrown one away because it had a big spray of vomit on it yes, but actually failed no.

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