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Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
I sure would like to se what your using for gloves? I'm reading it can be from 30-100F across the board-I sure haven't found one glove that works for those temps. Do you guys no bother with trying to carry a water proof glove? I sure would like to narrow it down to one glove
I have a pair of these which are indestructible. I picked the lining out of the index and thumb of the left glove to better push small buttons on electronics while riding. I have a pair of nylon lobster mitts, sort of like these (or these) or (get fancy) which I only wore in Alaska/NWT/Yukon/BC when it was snowing or windy cold rain. I also have a pair of leather work gloves for camp chores and as a backup for my riding gloves.

Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
And I would appreciate a copy of your packing list when you get the chance. cheers
PM me your email... files can't be attached via ADV.
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