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The obstacle being negotiated on the video clip at 2:03 is what we have roughly translated as a Jink, which is the simplest of the Adachi Special Obstacles. The Jink requires that the rider touches a tape line between two pylons with their front wheel. If the rider fails to touch the line there is a three second penalty added to their final attack time.

All competetive Moto Gymkhana courses should feature at least one such obstacle which is usually used to slow riders down and to gauge their riding accuracy.

Adachi Special Obstacles are a range of different obstacles that have no predefined route through them, so it is up to the rider to work out the quickest path during the course walk. This is further complicated by the course designer occasionally mandating a direction that a rider must take between certain pylons, but not mandating how they get their bikes to be pointing in the right direction in the first place!

In a Jink for example, the course designer might put a double-ended arrow on the direction indicator which means that the rider can turn either left or right handed at the obstacle. On other occasions the designer will use a single arrow which means the rider must turn in the direction indicated. Failure to do so would result in a wrong course indication from the course marshall which will give the rider a 9.99 minute penalty, effectiveley disqualifying their attack time from the competition!!!!!

At the last competition I went to in Japan there was an obstacle called a Saw that contained SEVEN Jinks, so that meant that you could gather 21 seconds of penalties if you missed them all.

Here is the same rider as the previous video negotiating the Saw. (it is the first obstacle immediately after the start).

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