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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
You're very much in the minority. I've ridden with plenty of people that constantly have to back track because they missed turns following both tracks and routes. Some of them on STREET rides even. Then of course there were the 2 guys I know that wrecked because they were staring down at their GPS tracks instead of watching where they were riding.

The only sure way not to miss turns is voice prompts from routes.
Very much disagree.

Almost Every major event I have ridden has distributed track information because it doesn't change, unlike routes, which change when recalc'd, and are worthless if someone gives you one that was developed with a different data set.

There was one event I rode where the organizers created a custom mapset for Garmin and then loaded that. They had played with the road specs to convert their track to a road, and then load that. While it was good because it worked, it sucked because they wiped out your mapset on units that only had a limited basemap.

And if you are on a street ride, you shouldn't have a problem with missing roads and having to connect sections, which is what the OP asked about.

As for voice prompts, you are assuming the use of a unit with audio output capability, and the rider using a headset, or speakers.

But it all comes down to the "different strokes for different folks". I'll stick with what I have for now.

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