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StolenFant Yesterday 08:28 PM
Clutches from 2000 to 2007 have changed.

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Yes they sure have. The 07 clutch has 07 springs, 07 plates, 07 cable, and an 07 lever. The 2000 model has the same items but they were made in 2000.
Try a good cleanning, lubracation, and adjustment before condeming.

Originally Posted by JonXX View Post
Yeah, and? My 07 clutch is buttery smooth and has just the right amount of resistance. I've seen a lot of people wanting to go to a hydro clutch, never understood why, those things are horrible, spongy and no feel to them.

But maybe that's just because I've only ever had one bike with a hydro clutch (which I changed to a cable LOL)
Isn't it funny how some folk just want to change for the sake of change?
They always rip on and want to change the easy stuff like side stands and seats. Instead of servicing the steerhead bearings they add a steering dampner.
A hyd. clutch is great! Hey, less moving parts. But of course the master and slave cylinders take alot of wear as a result of use. The clutch is used much mpore than brakes. The seals and cylinder bores wear. My K1200 has a hyd. clutch and at 64K miles it is still working smoothly.
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