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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
just got back from a short 21f degree ride and back home. was looking for an excuse to do a short ride with full heated suit blasting.. to test out new Earth-X ETX24, which did an outstanding job. as it took about 75 seconds cranking to start R80G/S. note this was starting from an unheated garage bike exposed to 21f degree for about 15minutes before starting.
That battery is connected to the charging system, correct?

If it is, it isn't that battery that is doing the job of keeping your full heated suit warm. Its the alternator; either it can keep up to supply the X amps at 14V or it can't.

Note, run your starter in 10 second bursts and not 75 seconds of straight cranking. I know its cold out keeping the starter temperature down, but still.
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