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Bluhduh How to remove ''Reduced Effect'' effects from my motorcycle?

I own a Kreidler Enduro 125 DD (Reduced Effect), I've heard that the Reduced Effect thing is like a kW/HP limiter, and it is used to limit power, so that the bike fits the corresponding countries limits.

And I am wondering about how can I take this limit off, or increase power, or however the power has been taken away from normal edition of the bike, as the engine, everything is exactly the same.

Otherwise my bike's top speed is capped at 90Km/h, and for my country it's too slow outside cities, almost everyone drives 10km/h over speed limit. I wouldn't be able to overtake anyone, if necessary. I usually only drive at countryside or in cities, but I could really use some extra power. I bought this bike as used, and I read that you can take the reduced effects off, but just don't know how.

Reduced effect -

Normal -
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