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Originally Posted by Global Rider View Post
That battery is connected to the charging system, correct?

If it is, it isn't that battery that is doing the job of keeping your full heated suit warm. Its the alternator; either it can keep up to supply the X amps at 14V or it can't.

Note, run your starter in 10 second bursts and not 75 seconds of straight cranking. I know its cold out keeping the starter temperature down, but still.
come on... battery is connected to charging system of bike or it couldn't start. sorry was not more clear, 75 seconds total. actual crank times varied from 3 seconds to about 15 seconds with wait times in between to allow battery to recover and make sure starter armature doesn't melt. G/S charging system is putting out about 400watts and supports heated gear but rev's has to stay up.

purpose of ride last night was to duplicate worst case of long start time, full heated suit and short ride in 20f degree conditions. didn't recharge ETX24 last night.

rolled R80G/S outside at 7:31am... 21f degree outside. getting ready to go again. this time with meters documenting. we'll see how ETX24 cranks....
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