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Originally Posted by terryckdbf View Post
Silk Liners, simply amazing under whatever glove you are now wearing. Get the pure silk ones though, not the wool combo things.

While you are at it pick up the silk balaclava.

Cool, I'll look into it. How big of a difference does it make? I.e. 45 F without glove liner feels like 40 F with a liner, or is it less of a difference?

Originally Posted by bmac View Post
This is an easy question. Heated Grips are the best choice and offer far more versatility. They are relatively cheap, easy to install, and offer adjustment to changing conditions with the flick of a switch.

Even though heated grips should come first, a good assortment of different gloves has its advantages. Gloves that have some insulation on the top side of the hand can dramatically help with comfort.

Heated grips and an extra pair of gloves will still be cheaper than buying heated gloves.
I am leaning towards the winter gloves now because of issue of warming the top of your hand. My bike doesn't block any wind to the handlebars. I saw one suggestion for more affordable gloves. Are there any other good deals?

duck posted these cortech gloves which look 95% the same as these bilt gloves that I tried on in a store and hated how stiff they felt.

Originally Posted by 74C5 View Post
I know there are some who push "you have to have these grips" and such. B.S. The only thing you need Oxford wise is a pair of shoes to get laughed at when you wear them on your bike.

Don't overthink it. $30 bucks, maybe less, maybe more. Go to ebay motors and look for a grip kit that uses the elements under your existing grips....if you can get them off without cutting. Install the sticky back heaters, put grips back on. Pretty simple. Left will be a bit cooler than the right due to no plastic twist grip insulating the heater but, TADT (they all do that). To not have the left side cooler, you change the left bar by gluing a twist grip onto the bar, grip heater on the plastic, and then putting on two right side grips for each side. Gets a bit more expensive that way.

For 10 to 15 minute duration commute, most people will find that you're good with just grip heaters unless it is just too cold for them....everyone is different though. Longer durations bring in other factors that are more individual and bike/environment dependent. As the last guy said, you can always double dip and add warmer gloves to make it easier to take a leak when you get to work.
I'm not sure what you suggest I should look for on ebay motors, but yes I do see the heaters that have just a thin heating element. They seem to just come with an on/off switch. I think it would be a lot better to have a few levels of heat to choose from. Can I add a controller to these? Also, how difficult is the installation from start to finish? I've never worked on a bike before.
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