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Originally Posted by UnclebudinTX View Post
Actually the road have changed alot in the last few years.. I thought the same a you for a while, then while traveling fron Tx to Indianapolis in 2011 the zumo has me take an exit in St. Louis... I found my self in a industrial area at 5 pm rush hour.. zumo was still dertimined we going the right way so i follwed her till she wanted me to go left and there was no left... I pulled over by an the building in the shade.. JULY it was about 100 degrees. Then a relized there was a homless guy hanging out over there too.. so pulled out in the middle of a big empty parking lot and reexamened where i was.. I could see the St Louis Arch so rode that direction.. got there and pulled out my paper map.. reprogramed my zumo... enjoyed the arch for a while and headed on.. I updated the maps asap... In 2012 i took the same trip and mrs zumo got me through St Louis with no problems..
Thanks for the info, maybe I will update the maps and then it might find the roads I am on. The $50 or $90 is worth not getting mugged or shot at somewhere I shouldn't be.
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