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Originally Posted by Crocodile Tears View Post

67-72 chevy. I hate chevy but those are beautiful.

I am a big fan of the 300 inline 6, and the 92-97 body style is one of the few I would buy as a longbed. Friend back home had a 94, forest green regular cab short box, a set of tasteful bumpers and on a 3" lift with 33" tires. I loved that truck. Had 260k miles last I heard on original motor and 5 spd trans. Hard to go wrong, although many do not like the TTB suspension - once the bushings start to go they eat tires.
How about 1967-72 fords? They are my favorite. Probabily because i have one...

As for the 9th gen fords. 4.9L inline 6 (300 ci) and the 7.3L v8 (460 ci) can not be beaten. We have a 1997 F-250. single cab, auto, 7.3L gas and it is a great truck. It has 175K on it now. Good daily driver, camp truck and camp/trailer hauler.

In the family we also have a Custom ordered 1997 f-350. Crew cab, 5 speed, 7.3L diesel. Every thing else on the truck is custom ordered. No performance mods though. Beautiful. Great camp truck. It pulled a 7,000 pound trailer and a camper up Eisenhower pass In colorado doing 75mph.
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