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Originally Posted by Peter.thepiper View Post
I have always been a car guy and was never really into trucks until recently. Some buddies of mine took me off roading and ever since I've been hooked!

I definitely love the way 9th Gen F250's look. But that's all I really know about them. Sadly, I'm a super newb when it comes to 4x4's. I'm looking to pick up a F250 here soon and I'm going to go look at this guys rig this weekend. Its a 1992 F250 4x4 with the 5.8L V8 manual transmission. Has some sort of lift but idk what. Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for?

Anyone & everyones help is appreciated. One more question, how can I tell which transmission variation it has?

Beautiful truck. Well as a start see if it runs and drives. Try and shift trough all 5 gears and back down. Try shifting into 4hi and 4low. See if it has any problems with that, I see rust over the rear wheel wells. Check if that is the only rust on the truck. And get rid of that propane tank I dont see much body damage though. For the right price I would take it.
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