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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
Blah blah. They're not dead yet. Thankfully they're still making money, and the cars are coming back. Go try a new Accord. The NSX IS returning. At least their quality hasn't taken a nose-dive.
So true. The four cylinder six speed manual Accord does 6.6 sec zero to sixty! I think the v6 with the manual does like 5.6, correct me if i am wrong on that one.

I am a big Honda freak. 99 percent of all my cars and bikes. I am now car shopping. It is hard to go spend my money on cars that interest me on paper, even nice to drive, but leave me cold with fear regarding quality and reliability
For me, 20 to 30k does not grow on trees.

So, the Focus ST has some build quality issues. Ford is not allowing some to go to dealers until they have been checked, some folks are returning their cars to get a new one.

Mini Cooper S: terrible reliability, clutch replacement is 2400, brakes 1000, not to mention the timing chain issues and the car catching on fire because of the secondary fuel pump. This has been corrected, but what next?

While I am not smitten with the latest cars from Honda, exterior styling, i find that i can deal with that when you factor in what you get.

Just for the record, i had one Subie, and one Toyota. Before i buy anything, I want to check out/drive a BRZ/FRS.
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