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I could not slow mine down to anywhere near "off". Even the lowest setting was still too stiff for my taste, then they are a PITA to change while riding. The GPR I had sucked for changing settings, it was the best for really high speed desert stuff, like tapped out top gear through the rough because it slows down steering in both directions. The Scott I ran for a while was a bit better in some ways, It was easier to adjust on the fly and dampened well on the deflection but was easier to steer because it has no {or minimal} dampening on RTC {return to center} so the feel is a bit lighter, but still turn in on a corner is heavy.

I forget the brand, but I knew a guy that had a cool dampener on street legal CRF450 that had a thumb control right under the throttle, almost like a hot start lever. It was EASY to use and its lowest setting was almost completely off, but that puppy cost him $1200....this is a budget build.

What ever I do fairing wise, it will be as light as possible. Fork mounted or steering neck mounted frontend weight is bad in rough terrain and soft terrain.

I do not need a lot of stuff. I will probably use an Endurance or Vapor style with minimal stuff. I do not need a gear indicator and all of that stuff like my RT has. I am a dirt bike guy and DS guy....minimalist.
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