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tenere - GSA

Originally Posted by FMFDOC View Post
I haven't seen anything really bad about a Super Tenere in this thread. Does that mean that they are okay? Or has nobody gotten around to giving one a good swift kick in the fellas?

Love the thread BTW. Lots of great information.

Anywhoooo... I'm looking to get a Tenere and am very interested in their shortcomings BEFORE I spend a metric-ass-load of money on one.

That said, I have had a few Harleys and I opine that they just aren't worth the money that I spent. Put another way, for the investment, you can get a WAY better bike. (plus the whole old age ergonomics thing)

Test drove the Tenere for a couple of hours, for ever how much that is worth. Generally found the engine to be flat and uninspiring. Eventually bought a BMW GSA and have been very glad I did. I found it will fly straight line and in the twisties once I got the hang of it and like the fit and finish much better. The wind protection is excellent, the riding position comfortable and the ability to see above most of the traffic on that bike is an extra I hand't planned on.. That said, there's a big price difference between the two.
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