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The change was made about a year ago I think. The idea was to reduce the storeage space needed to house this site because it was getting so big. Keep in mind, the owners of this site (Baldy & AceRph?) offer this whole thing free of charge (though you can donate).

I don't have a web based photo host either, so I almost never post personal photos. You can copy and paste from a Google image search, so I usually try to find a picture that closely represents what I'm trying to get across. It doesn't work in Google Chrome, though, so I have to use Internet Explorer to do that. If you are on another forum that allows uploading, you can find an excuse to upload it there, then copy/paste it into advrider.

Damn, what is it with me and "work-arounds"? It would probably be easier to just get into this decade and sign up with a web host, huh?

P.S. There is a test thread specifically for testing this sort of thing, so Eddy's test may get bannished there.
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