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Originally Posted by Patch View Post
So I take it that I cannot use BaseCamp (with the level of detail I need) without the unit plugged in. I did read the page linked... and several hours worth of this thread. Fron the linked page for download: BaseCamp can be used for viewing downloaded detail on your computer.

I was hoping that I culd access it w/out being plugged in but I couldn't find a way to make it work. I don't want to pay for a DVD now that I already own the maps. Damn.
I have always gone the DVD route, for that very reason.

My understanding (the information on the wiki is taken directly from Garmin) is that you must have the GPSr with the downloaded maps connected to your computer before BaseCamp can be used to view the maps on the device..

If you find any different, from Garmin or your own research, please advise me!
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