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Originally Posted by conchscooter View Post
...Modifying is fun but when alone a long way from anywhere and the computer geeks In the comfortable suburbs have moved on to the next modification project...
Well, if this was aimed at me I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken. I can barely operate these damned things but I have worked on motorcycles for the past forty plus years and I'm far more comfortable with a wrench than I am a keyboard.

I have a huge appreciation of the design of the horizontal Honda design and it's ability to absorb abuse. I've worked on these fine little motors since my earliest days riding motorcycles and only recently (about nine years ago) got back into them, first through a late mid-life crisis on a heavily modified XR-50 in backyard pitbike racing and more recently bringing a Honda Passport back to life. Currently I'm building up my "Ultralight Adventure Bike" using a CT200 chassis and an OHC cam motor for long-distance adventuring. I also carefully set up my ex-backyard-racer-turned-street-legal-runabout and did a 450+ mile dual-sport ride on it so I know a thing or three about setting up these littles bikes for stone reliable performance over the long haul.

I've also ridden on the Trans-Am Trail several times, twice with it's creator Sam Correro and probably half of my motorcycling has been done off-road.

slowlane asked for real-world suggestions for taking a C70 on the TAT. Yeah, he could take a box-stock C70 on the trip and probably survive but there are lots of things he can do to the little bike to make it more reliable, easier to ride and in general a better long-distance adventurer.

But typical of most forums there's always people with no real-world experience other than their own opinion and that's why I'm always hesitant to offer my suggestions knowing that it often turns otherwise good threads into on-line arguements.

Good luck on your trip, slowlane. I believe you're on the right track with your careful preparation and I hope you have the adventure of a lifetime.
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