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Originally Posted by Yukicore View Post
Thanks, I know it's China, well many of worldwide production is being made in China. But as far as I know the engine is from a Suzuki. And overall it's not a bad bike at all, from what I can tell.

I have some weird issue with air delivery to carburetor, it has a single, unfiltered wire going at the opposite side of where the exhaust, in the area there, when I close it, bike RPM's go very steady, however when revving it starts stalling (with wire closed), but when open, the RPM's sometimes drop so low, that it just stalls by itself, especially after driving for a while and the stopping. Do you know what might be the solution.

Do you think that I can look in the exhaust for something that blocks the performance? Or I have to change the exhaust?
I am really almost experience-less with engines, bikes, everything on wheels really. Please help!
The exhaust probably has a catalytic converter in it, and maybe a restriction as well. The carburetor could have something in it that limits the throttle opening or there could be a restrictor between the carburetor and engine. I think you'll have to get some professional help here. See if there's an independently owned repair shop locally.
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