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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
Trying to get maps installed. Bought my 600 a month or so ago, bought CN 2013 DVD, bought a PNY micro SD card 32gb. Called Garmin this am. They walked me through installing CN, of course it needed updating. (1 hr) then downloaded mapinstall. Went thru the process of sending CN over to the Montana. When it completes (1hr 40min) I get the msg, it didn't transfer. I called Garmin. They are having me repeat the same exact process. The guy on the help line called a guy at the help desk for instructions. Now I'm sitting thru it again, making sure my laptop does not go into power saver or something. However, I have zero confidence it will turn out any different than the first time. 16% complete 1 hr 32 min remaining. It hasn't changed in a while... Argh!!
Sounds like the same problems I was having.

Work around: Turn off unit. Remove SD card. Boot up, install CN. Once done, reboot and ensure it's there. THEN install SD, and add other map sets.

Response I had from Garmin:

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

With the device in question, it will support up to a 16 GB card. Any card larger than 16 GB will probably not be seen by the device correctly. Please try a smaller card.
I had a 32. Sounds like yours, no?

Hope this helps, as I understand your frustration. All too well.
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