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I will see if I can load up some of my Xray shots...I suck at loading pics. But YES, I am a lifelong member.

I have had some of my hardware removed and a different orthopedic surgeon removed it, so unless there is some mitigating reason I am not seeing, your current surgeon is just being lazy.

I had a similar compound humerous fracture...not funny at all.

I had a 12" Ti rod implanted in the center of it with 4 screws fixing it. I was racing everyweek at the time and wanted it out eventually because rebreaking it and bending a Ti rod can cause the need for amputation...not an option. After 2 years I had it removed, there is also the issue that a femur and the humerous are BIG bones that carry alot of bone marrow which produces your red blood cells....I want the marrow more than the rod.

Twice I have had plates and screws in my neck, cervical fusion of C-5/6/7 in feb 2011 and then a refusion of C6/7 just 3 weeks ago since thet joint did not take. Now it has a 2" x 3" Ti plate and 6 screws with 6 small locating pins and a SS cage with a bone graft..

I also shattered 6 of the 7 bones in the left wrist, doc said it looked like small gravel in there, it ended up needing to be fused solid after 2 other surgeries 6 pins, 2 screws and a tendon lace up that just did not help. It still has a pin and a 2" long 1/4" screw in it.

I also have had a right A/C shoulder separation of 10cm that required 300 internal sutchers and 3" screw that has since been removed.

As a side note, I have never had trouble at the airport, most of this stuff is Ti or minimally SS which neither is magnetic. They usually use Xray machines now, you walk in, hold up your arms, they snap a shot and you are in or to a second check point. They can see it is just surgical issue.
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