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Through the Shenandoah mountains

Got up early this morning and did a nice test ride with Gastone on his new XChallenge.

Everything was going great till we stopped for a break and couldn't get his bike started again... ended up trailering it back home to do some diagnostics.

In the meantime I took to the beautiful Virginia backroads and got more familiar with my new bike.

With a little trail riding just for fun.

With the service complete and my test ride satisfied (more than 60 miles), I decided to complete my business and take to the road.

I heard traffic was snarled in post-Christmas mayhem on I-95, so I decided instead to head west in search of some higher elevation.

Look, ma. I found mountains!

The weather was cold in Fredericksburg, and downright frigid going through Shenandoah.

Thankfully the snow was only on the sides of the road.

I made it to Harrisonburg just after sunset and decided to call it quits for the night. I was beginning to shiver and didn't want to bother keeping an eye out for black ice.

The lady at the front desk gave me the weirdest look. I guess I looked a bit ragged after riding a few hours in 35 degree weather.

What a poser

All in all the day was great. A lot of good riding, lots of sun, and the beginning of a trip I have been anticipating for a long time.

Let's hope it doesn't snow tonight...
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