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Wow, holy sh*t driving home was an adventure. May just have to retire the Santa suit over it.

Riding to NC, no problemo. Cute little kids stare and wave. Seniors chuckle and nod.

Riding back to SC, totally different storry.

I've been on the road all of 15 minutes and the dude next to me keeps weaving into my lane trying to take pictures one handed with his cell phone.. He of course keeps speeding up and slowing down every time I try to evade him (while I'm trying to maintain some acceptable level of legal speed limit). I finally just say F it and pull off the interstate.

20 minutes later, white trash chick has been riding behind me in her Disgustang (I can say that, I used to own one) since I got back on the road. I'm doing 5 over the limit. The left lane is closed ahead for construction. I of course see her move over in the left lane to try to floor it past me at the last possible instant. Normally, I would just slow down and not risk life and limb and the new motorcycle and most pass. But this time I'm in a Santa suit, so I give her the long leaning over bird and not a damn inch of my lane. She backs off. I'm going to Santa hell.
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