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I made it to Belize.
The border crossing was pretty easy.
I first stopped on the Mexico side and got my $400 deposit back and my passport stamped "out"
Then I entered Belize and bought my manatory insurance. A week's insurance cost me $15. I didn't buy insurance in Mexico. I am not sure what the rules are in Mexico but I have never bought it before. I kind of figured that if I got in to an accident with someone else, having insurance would be the least of my worries. But here in Belize, if you get pulled over w/o insurance, you go to jail. At least that is what they told me.
Then I paid $4 to have my bike fumigated. Not sure what that is about, but it needed to be done. Then got my passport stamped for 30 days even though I am planning to be here a week or less. I got a special driving permit that allows me to go anywhere in the country. It was at no cost. And after all that......90 minutes later, I was on my way south. Right now, I am in a little town called Sarteneja on the Caribbean coast. I am staying at a camp with Cabanas. I camping in my tent here.
It is kind of raining out side. But I am in the restaurant staying dry. I just finsihed dinner. It was chicken and rice.
Belize is very different than its neighbor Mexico to the north. It is more like Jamaica than Mexico. The people seem friendly here. There is a lot of Creole influance here
The one thing I have noticed so far is there are less cars and the roads are MUCH worst. This road out to Sarteneja is bad! There are potholes and ruts so big that they will make you crash if you are not careful.
But the beer is good. I hope you like Belikin, because that is all they have. But they have two different kinds of stout so I am happy. And right now, I am on my fourth beer so I am pretty "happy". But the beers are only 284 ML. I think that is only 9 ounces. So 4 is kind of like 3. At least that is my excuse!
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