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There is a girl you will never forget....

Most of you in the Americas will never get to ride an older, ergo friendly Transalp.
I'm older and fortunate, and have been bounced off enough to select and purchase one and ride one today. It's a great old man's bike.
Once you dial it on, it can still scare you a bit. Once you get in too deep and out of brakes, somehow it carries you through, stands you up, slaps you with "Ok, fool you made it". You exhale a deep sigh and physics sling you out the corner.
A couple of times, I've seen the old man Honda standing on the side of the road, hands together and bowing slightly.
He too walks with a limp.
And he mumbles something about better brakes.

A lot of "mediocre" bikes, very few great ones.
All my BMWs are clunky compared to this.
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