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Glad you are feeling better
I had the flu about 2 months ago.
It was bad
I thought about it at the time if I got the flu like that while I was on the road.
It would have been horrible.
I was in a comfortable bed with my GF talking care of me.
If I would have been in my tent in the tropics,I would be wishing I was dead.
I hope I don't get sick on this trip.
I have to be careful what I eat.
There is a big chance of getting food poisening here while traveling......especially since I like eating off the taco stand carts. They just don't refrigerated their food like we do in the States.
I have got a bit of the runs but so far so good.
I think my body is getting used to it all

Originally Posted by TomatoCan View Post
I have been sick in bed with the flu since Christmas. Today has been the first day I've been able to sit up and have spent most of the afternoon reading your RR. (And all the shots of food have got my appetite back too!) Thanks for all the hard work--totally inspired!
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