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Proud of ya, man!

I know that probably not many of my tips were used since you were playing against smaller tanks, but man, that's a fine score. Ace Tanker being the most important one - you played better than most have in the last 7 days in the KV-1. (Earn more experience in a single battle than the average highest experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last seven days.)

Like I've said before - I will do training rooms with anyone in the ADVrider thread, and I focus on training... I'm not there for my fun, nor to show anyone I'm a better tanker. Any of you may very well have stuff to teach me while we're in there, too, so it's not all running and gunning - we'll often stop shooting and talk about strategies.

Originally Posted by Big Bird 928 View Post
Battle: Arctic Region Thursday, December 27, 2012 5:37:48 PM
Vehicle: KV-1
Experience received: 3,254 (x2 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 26,222 (fine for causing damage to allies: 150)
Battle Achievements: Steel Wall, Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"


Hopefully it is sign of things to come.
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