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Originally Posted by Will Hesch View Post
lamotovita, what bike do you trail-ride on?

What trials bike do you compete on?

Nice photo, by the way!
The bike in the photo is a TTR230 Yamaha that I carry on the back of my RV, I'm in AZ right now so It's all I have. I also have an XR250 and a Gas Gas Pampera. The Honda is usually my first choice, but for the extreme stuff (which is almost always off of designated trails) I use the Gas Gas.
For competition I have a Montesa 4RT and a Bultaco Sherpa T. I have competed on the TTR in AZ, (I prefer competing on a trail bike to trailriding a Trials bike).
To get to the spot in the photo I ride 10 miles of blacktop, then 5 miles of dirt roads, then 5 miles of sandwash (all of which would really suck on a Trials bike).

All of my trail bikes have quiet exhausts and at least one Trials tire, and license plates.
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