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Hello Everyone,
I am so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time. I have a lot going on in my life (new baby in a few weeks, remodel, job change) and at this point this situation is really an annoyance so to be honest, I have been avoiding thinking about it.

I did receive some panniers about a month ago. They came in shitty card board boxes with no mounting hardware, no racks and not in the custom size I paid for but hey, at least it's something. I emailed back asking for a refund of 342 Euros for the racks, mounting hardware and the fact that they didn't make them the size I asked and paid for. Here was the response:

consideration the excuses. I read the history of your e-mail and is a very long story and unpleasant for you and for Konvoi too.

So, Istvan is out of Konvoi because some personal problems and we can`t do (without him) racksystem for Triumph Tiger 1050. But I can send you the mounting kit, Konvoi has now also a new model.
- first:
- second, a new model: in attach.
And I can send you a plate for topcase, if you will agree that.
About give you back the difference, of course I will do that, but I need some time, because I don`t have acces to the Istvan paypal account, I will do another account for my personal card. I discussed this day to the bank and I await for an answer.

Please send me an e-mail and answer me if you still want the mounting kit and the plate and I will send you in some days an answer about a payment for rack and for the difference in the topcase price.

Thank you!

Daniela Dincu
Sales Representative Konvoi Romania (adventure luggage system),,
I responded that I wanted a refund and received this the same day:
Ok, Eric, I will be back with news from bank. Thank you for understanding.

So as of today it has been one month. Maybe the banks are few and far between in Romania? Anyway, I will be emailing them again tomorrow.

P.S. The bags are really pretty nice for the money, to bad I mutter cusses under my breath every time I look at them.
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