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Originally Posted by CatfishRacing View Post
Did it have studded fatties???
I bought an original Pugs.
Bought a Necro and sold the Pugs to my brother.
Bought a Moonlander with 100mm rims and 4.7" tires and sold the Necro.
Fatties are like pedaling around with two flats while dragging a cinder block behind you.
It's one hell of a workout.
I can't wait for some snow.
I believe it did, in fact, have studded fatties. I didn't think it was like pedaling two flats & a cinder block. I thought the ride was pretty comfy - I didn't spend nearly the time choosing a line and going around anything as I would on any other bike.

I just rode right over anything & everything. I'd say the workout was different. I liked it. Not '$2k new' liked it, but maybe 'a few hunnert $' used liked it.
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