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Originally Posted by 9Dave View Post
Very much disagree.

Almost Every major event I have ridden has distributed track information because it doesn't change, unlike routes, which change when recalc'd, and are worthless if someone gives you one that was developed with a different data set.

There was one event I rode where the organizers created a custom mapset for Garmin and then loaded that. They had played with the road specs to convert their track to a road, and then load that. While it was good because it worked, it sucked because they wiped out your mapset on units that only had a limited basemap.

And if you are on a street ride, you shouldn't have a problem with missing roads and having to connect sections, which is what the OP asked about.

As for voice prompts, you are assuming the use of a unit with audio output capability, and the rider using a headset, or speakers.

But it all comes down to the "different strokes for different folks". I'll stick with what I have for now.

You can disagree all you want. Everything I stated is simple fact . I don't do "events", I just ride a shit load. 10's of thousands of miles with GPS's. I do my OWN routes and don't need to depend on someone else to spoonfeed me a route . I'd hate to see you try and ride doing 100+ MPH staring at your track.
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