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.....clearly means different thing to different people. . I can't figure out how the order of the games equals the confidence points to some of y'all. Can someone 'splain that to me?

The games you are most "confident" that you picked correctly move up towards the top. The toss up games move down to the bottom.

Say you are absolutely 100% positive that Alabama will beat Notre Dame, no other game are you more sure about. Move it to the top. It will score maximum points. (35)

Now say you don't have a clue about... Arkansas St vs Kent St. For you it is a complete coin toss. Move it down in your confidence points.

Your most "confident" game-- if you picked correctly scores 35. (no spread) Your next most "confident" gets 34 and so on down to one.

I've already picked up my "1" point with the Beef O'Brady's Bowl. Looks like I'll get my "2" if Baylor continues to beat UCLA in the Holiday. I lost my "30" as I was very sure that Fresno State would handle SMU. They didn't.

Most points at the end wins. As you can see, sweeping 35-30 does more for you than sweeping the bottom 15.

Hope this helps a bit.
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