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Originally Posted by PapaYolk View Post

Owyhee Junction.
Those sheep look to have been shorn only a few weeks previous; it seems late when there's snow in the offing. Do you have any idea why they shear so late in your parts?

I come from New Zealand, where we do have a the odd flock of sheep, and I have shorn a few in my time!

Mostly we shear near the beginning of summer, and in some parts we shear a second time early in autumn. In some parts of the country farmers shear just before lambing (late winter), using a "cover" of "snow" comb, to leave equivalent to about two weeks growth of wool on the ewes. It is enough to protect the ewes in the event of snow. However, the dopy things are more inclined to seek sheltered spots to lamb, so improving the survival rate of their offspring.

Nice to see the snow on the ground, and the motorcycle still rolling.
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