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Ok, its still raining, but I refuse to buckle yet.

So, (I'm jumping the gun)this is my report ot the Cemetery Circuit, which saw the last 3 races cancelled due to projected excessive sunshine exposure

First up, I aplogise for having a swipe at NZ's liqour laws yesterday.

Where else but in NZ would you see this sign, (try Aus mid/late 70's)

Believe it or not, back less then a 100 mts is a Countdown store(i,e Licensed Wolloies/Coles) which most attendees have to pass through. God Bless them, they had pallets of 12x375ml Tui cartons chilled and ready to go.

So you take in a doz, get a pass out, replenish. How good is that?

Have not seen that since the days of the 70's, and you are allowed Chilli bins (Oz transalation Esky's full of ice)

So I follow this guy in.

These lads were seasoned attendees, knew one of the best spots to set up camp.
Half way along the back straight, just before the riders hit the rail crossing

Getting ready for the rain

But they wern't the only inventive Kiwi's.

The approaching storm did not seem to deter them

Others were more OHS aware

Now folks, this cicuit has a railway track crossing over the end of the back straight, which they approach braking from 260+kph to peel right under the pedestrian bridge and through the esses of the Cemetery. IN THE WET

This is the approach to the rail lines coming out of turn 2, which is simply amazing especially for the 3 wheelers

Oh BTW this is the approach to turn 2!!!

You cross this leant over

It is a working line!!!

Then dissappear up the hill through the cemetry.

And this is before racing began!!!

More to follow, some time, some where
Keep me searching for a heart of gold, and I'm getting old (Neil Young)
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