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I work that area 4 days a week and it can be a little nerve racking at times but it is really not that bad. Most of all that is over done by the yuppie white folks that live otp. The Yuppies say that same thing about mountain people and banjo's

I just want to point out that you were assuming that he was gonna steal your dirt bike.
Maybe he wanted all the dirt bike people to stop TRESPASSING!
That is private land and no matter where you are if you are riding on private land then you should be prepared to be shot at!
If it is itp or otp or in the country most land owners do not like trespassers.

In my mind hard to complain about someone else doing something illegal why you yourself are also doing something illegal.
Kinda like turning in your pot dealer for ripping you off!

just my opinion and everybody has one
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