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Originally Posted by JensEskildsen View Post
Hey Jens I looked a little deeper, If you notice on the 89 XT600 the choke plunger is solid at the end, The 1990 that you posted up has a little nipple or extension on it, What's the difference? why would one have it and the other not? funny thing is I bought the 2KF-14371-01-00 which has the small nipple as well and was orignally on the TTR250. Last night I installed it and it worked, as far as raising the idle etc. Should that one be ok to use guys?

Now my new issue is the plastic choke knob is right where my fuel petcock is and the fuel line goes right there, Is there an alt fuel petcock that would angle the fuel petcock a different way but still bolt up too the 89XT600 stock tank? Thanks everyone!!
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