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Those are both still press shots...way too clean of bikes, riders, tires even still have tire shine on them.

I would definately agree, a real race shot is ideally the best.
I guess I did not neccesarily mean that my photo was "the best ever"...I just thought it was bitchen. I am sure there were LOTS of run throughs and many high speed clicks to get that one just so, But that also means Coma just kept rippin that berm time after time...I would love to see that entire sequence or even video of that shoot.

That one shot Laramie posted of Coma on the Repsol 690 from the 2009 Dakar looks like it is a real race photo taken during the race. Alot of dust everwhere and gray/blueish tires mean there has been so good sand time on them...

All great shots of ANY Dakar bike in action for me....big bores, 690s, 450s...I just love the long distance rally and the adventure that is still in that race. Running it in SA is better than not running it at all. Africa was the better though for me. That spirit of danger really added to it. NOT that I LIKED seeing anyone get serously hurt or even die...I hate that, breaks my heart to loose anyone bold enough to race there, but that danger did make it exciting and intriguing.
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