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Originally Posted by England-Kev View Post
If I have the clutch cable adjusted correctly, could my gear selection problems be down to the gear change linkage?
Great looking bike! Now it just needs to get a bit dirty. On my Loops (72 Eldo and 74 California), the gear change process goes like this:

Pull in the clutch and gently but firmly press the gear lever in to first. There will probably be a bit of a clunk and perhaps a slight drag on the bars. Let the clutch out and get moving. Speed up a bit, pull in clutch, let the revs drop while you think about your girlfriend's anatomy, push firmly down on the lever until you hear that nice scrunchy sound of it going in to gear, let the clutch out then let the gear lever return to centre. Repeat. Downshifts are similar: clutch in, rev a bit, firm deliberate pressure, scrunch, clutch out. The boxes on both bikes are dead slow, but the gears are reliably there. Its part of the charm of the bikes. Think 1950's Panther- not 1970's Honda and everything will seem fine.

If the bike isn't keen to go into gear at a standstill and you have adjusted the lever/cable properly, you are probably looking at the need for new clutch plates / clutch hub in the future - but it will probably get you to Croatia and back as is.

Changing the clutch is a pain, but can be done with the engine in the frame on Loops.

As far as I am concerned, Loops are the best of all worlds. You have the look and feel of a vintage bike yet they are capable of crossing continents effortlessly and reliably. while giving decent mpg and performance. Just ride within the limits of the brakes...........

Happy New Year

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