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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I wouldn't redo a rental, either. It might pay to get friendly with your landlord and have them consider hiring an electrician to help you and to protect the property and your life. If your city requires inspections of properties for sale, that property would have to be brought up to code.

Obvious stuff: There are no wire protectors on the wire running through the studs. The wires running to that switchbox(?), in the corner, aren't through the corner studs and unprotected. That particular circuit is clearly added into an existing circuit, by the way the left wall is cut into. If you're sheeting that back wall, the switchbox(?) must face out, as there can't be any type of box concealed by sheating. Also, you need to verify that circuit (how it's mated to the existing circuit, appropriate gauge wire/breaker, protection, etc). None of the wiring is secured to the studs with staples, as required in any code. Some codes have switch/outlet height restrictions.
Ok so I tore into the box last night and discovered this mess

Does that look like burns to you?

Back together

Conduit that feed through the wall doesn't reach all the way to the box, maybe 1.5" shy. I can't figure out what this these wires even run to, they go through the wall and down into the ground outside of the house.

Still no where near perfect but its the best I could do to just tidy up the wiring safely, I'll have my guy check it all this weekend. My real fear is that I'll find more birds nests like that in the house, I'm going to poke around and make sure...

Here is the first wall finished. No tape or mud, it would really throw off the aesthetic of the place
Those gaps aren't crooked cuts either, some sheets are unlevel at joints by a quarter inch depending on where the studs are
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