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I just wanted to post in this thread so I can find it easier....great job.

I do have one question, I see you used the bearing mount for the telelever arm by cutting off the bearing end. I then see you ran up some 1" pipe and welded it to the rear frame stats. I am missing something I guess, but the rear stays are steel and the bearing ends for the Telelever are aluminum...did something change in there? Or is there a steel insert inside of the aluminum end that you used to weld the 1" steel support tubes to?
Or wilder yet are the upright tubes aluminum and you have developed some cool way to weld steel to aluminum?

If anyone is still watching, I am thinking of welding in an aluminum CR neck much the same as Fabrice did, but I am thinking of taking the Telelever arm and modifying it some, swinging upward and welding it to the bottom of my CR neck and then bracing it to the front frame on the bottom.

Obviously this will take some playing with, but I think that will help transfer some of the rearward force that some of you were concerned with right back to the original point that the Telelever would have recevied the braking or forward impact force {meaning hitting a bump and pushing backwards on the steering neck}.

This should also help with side forces as it widens the base mounting point of the bottom of the neck.

Engineers or serious fabbers, what do you think?
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