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Originally Posted by ValpoFz View Post
Sooo after years of fighting the dark side I am upgrading to an IPhone 5, I have been looking at some MC mounting options, I have narrowed it down to 2 options, I think. I wished there was a waterproof powered dock but I haven't found one. Not certain that either option is power-able but I think the life proof can be worked around. If anybody has tried these I would appreciate some input.

Option 1 Ilfeproof case and Ram X mount -

Option 2 Aquabox rammount -
The Ram Aquabox is nice, but for me I use my phone as a GPS (yes, btw it does suck for that) and that function
eats the power like nothing else. I would need it powered so it doesn't die on me (it has before). So, I pretty much
came up with my own powered iPhone box for less than the Ram box:

Pelican iCase

Drilled a hole, cut off the phone end of a Powerlet charging cable and soldered on
the smallest charger end I could find.

Mounted a Ram ball mount on the back side, and used Ram hardware for the rest
of the mount.

Pros: Keeps phone dry, and protected. Can still see the display.

Cons: Bulky, can't manipulate the display, gets HOT when charging. I've had the
phone shut down several times this summer due to the heat while the power cord
was plugged in.

So, I ended up getting a Ram X mount & extra powerlet cable for the hot/dry days.
I carry this one in my top case for when it rains.
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